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Life before Consulting

Prior to working as an Oracle implementation consultant, I had a successful and varied career across a broad range of industries.

Wright & McGill Company, Denver CO (1992-1998)
Manager of Purchasing, Packaging & Distribution

Wright & McGill is the maker of Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle.

I managed the warehousing and shipping groups which were based in Denver, plus the packaging operation, which was in Denver and Agua Prieta, Mexico. I was also responsible for Purchasing, which included sourcing rods and reels from our suppliers in the Pacific Rim.

During my tenure:

  • We improved processes in the shipping department so that, instead of it being a bottleneck in the fulfillment process (<50% on-time shipments), we were shipping 95% on-time and were negotiating to act as a distribution center for others in the industry.
  • We renegotiated our freight contracts with our LTL carriers and saved over $1 million in the first two years.
  • Pre-Oracle, I wrote an MS Access Purchasing system that improved efficiencies in the department such that we were able to reduce headcount
  • I was co-leader of the company's Oracle implementation.
Colorful Images, Inc, Longmont CO (1991-1992)
Fulfillment Manager

Colorful Images markets customized mailing labels and collectibles.

I managed a team that varied seasonally from 30 to 60 people. We had a three-shift operation that made customized mailing labels using high capacity color laser printers. I was responsible for the warehouse and shipping team that fulfilled orders in a very high volume environment.

We were a start-up. I managed the move of the operation from one facility to another without interuption in fulfillment.

Windsor Industries, Englewood, CO (1990-1991)
Materials Manager

Windsor Industries makes a wide range of floor care equipment including carpet shampooers and floor scrubbers.

I managed the Puchasing, Production Scheduling, Production Planning, Warehousing and Shipping functions.

The company was growing from an entrepeneutial organization to a large one during my time there. We implemented reproducible business processes.

Syntex Corporation, Freeport, Bahamas and Boulder, CO (1976-1990)
Process Engineeer, Production Area Supervisor

Syntex (bought by Roche) manufactured steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs.

I was originally a Process Engineer in their steroid plant in the Bahamas, but was promoted to Production Area Supervisor of the NSAID plant after two years. My team made the first production-scale batch of what eventually became known as Aleve. In the time that I managed the plant, our safety, quality and financial performance was consistently higher than at any time in its history.

When I decided to move on to seek better educational opportunities for my children, I was offered a position at Syntex's Boulder facility.

I was supervisor of one of Boulder's production facilities for several years then joined a team implementing an ERP system at the site (BPCS). I became the manager of the system after we went live.

Shirley Aldred Group, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK (1973-1976)
Process Engineer, Assistant Works Manager

Shirley Aldred is a charcoal manufacturer and contract solvent recovery company. They have been making charcoal from the oak cut down in Sherwood Forest since the early 1700's.

I designed, built and commissioned a plant to recover nickel and copper from plating industry wastes. The plant ran successfully until copper prices hit a five-year low and recovery was uneconomical. When the division was liquidated, I was took the position of Assistant Works Manager in the charcoal division.



I have a Master's in Business from the University of Denver (1989) and a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford in the UK (1973).